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All About E-shram

E-Shram is a new digital platform launched by the Indian government to provide a unified database of unorganized workers in the country. It was launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in August 2021. The main objective of E-Shram is to create a comprehensive database of all unorganized workers in India so that the government can provide them with social security benefits and other schemes.

The E-Shram card will enable unorganized workers to access various government schemes and programs, such as social security benefits, insurance, and healthcare services. It will also provide them with a unique identification number that can be used to track their employment history and skills. The E-Shram platform includes various features that make it easy for unorganized workers to access services and benefits. For example, it allows workers to update their personal and employment details, view their entitlements, and apply for various schemes online. It also provides real-time information on job vacancies, training programs, and other opportunities that are relevant to the worker’s skill set. Unorganized workers can register on the E-Shram platform using their Aadhaar or mobile number. Once registered, they will be issued an E-Shram card that includes their personal and employment details, such as name, age, occupation, and skillset.

The implementation of E-Shram involves collaboration between various government agencies, including the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Ministry of Rural Development, and the Ministry of Urban Development. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to workers across the country, with support provided through various channels, including toll-free helplines and local service centers. The implementation of E-Shram is not without its challenges. One major challenge is ensuring that all unorganized workers are aware of the platform and are able to register. Many workers may not have internet access or be unable to read or write, which can make registration difficult.

¬†Another challenge is ensuring the accuracy of the data collected on the platform. Since unorganized workers often have irregular employment patterns and may work in multiple industries, capturing their true employment status and skillset can be difficult. Additionally, there is a risk of duplicate or fraudulent registrations, which can undermine the integrity of the database. To address data security and privacy concerns, the E-Shram platform is designed with strong security protocols and safeguards in place. The platform uses encryption to secure the data transmitted between the user’s device and the server, and all data is stored in encrypted form on secure servers. Users’ personal and employment data is kept confidential and is only shared with authorized government agencies. The platform also includes various security features to prevent unauthorized access, such as two-factor authentication and biometric verification. Once an unorganized worker has registered for an E-Shram card, they can check the status of their registration on the E-Shram portal or through the E-Shram mobile app. Once an unorganized worker’s registration is complete, they can download their E-Shram card from the E-Shram portal or through the E-Shram mobile app. The E-Shram card is a valuable tool for unorganized workers in India. It offers them several benefits, such as social security benefits, government schemes, and financial assistance. Unorganized workers should register for an E-Shram card at the earliest to avail of these benefits.


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By facilitating better access to social security schemes, E-shram empowers workers, enhances transparency, and strengthens the social welfare framework, fostering a more inclusive and secure environment for the country’s labor force.

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