Jan Seva Kendra


How to Register

To initiate the registration process for the Jan Seva Kendra portal, please follow these steps in a professional manner:

  • Access the Official Website:
    Begin by accessing the official Jan Seva Kendra portal by visiting the website at https://jansevakendra.org
  • Registration Option:
    On the homepage, you will prominently find the “Registration” option.
  • Form Submission:
    Click on the “Registration” option, which will open a registration form on your screen.
  • Complete Information:
    Within the registration form, you are required to provide a comprehensive set of information. This includes:
    -Full Name
    -Mobile Number
    -Aadhar Card Number
    -PAN Card Details
    -Shop Address
    -Your Desired Role (Retailer, Distributor, District Manager, )
    Select the specific role you aspire to undertake.
  • Submission:
    After meticulously filling out all the requested information within the form, proceed to click on the “Submit” button.
  • Post-Registration Communication:
    Following your submission, you can expect to receive a call from a representative of the Jan Seva Kendra within the next 24 hours. During this call, you will be provided with a comprehensive explanation of the subsequent steps and procedures involved in the registration process.
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